EULAR RAID and PsAID Questionnaires

The RAID and the PsAID are 2 questionnaires developed by EULAR to better assess patients with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) or PsA (psoriatic arthritis).

They are both self-reported so patients can use them directly, but physicians will also find it helpful to have all the translations available and the algorithm to score the results. Therefore both patients and physicians or health professionals are concerned.

Each of these questionnaires has several questions (different coefficients) which are weighted differently. The final result of the questionnaire is being calculated based on the questions with their coefficients.


Below, you will find an online calculator, to allow easy calculation of the questionnaire scores.
Furthermore, you can download the questionnaires in all the languages for which we have validated translations: this option is available below each version of the questionnaire.
Please contact the EULAR Secretariat ( if you have new translations of the questionnaires which you wish to share.

These questionnaires are not copyrighted and are free of charge for use in any context.
We hope you will find this website useful!
Please choose below the questionnaire that best fits your needs.
The RAID questionnaire assesses the impact of rheumatoid arthritis on people’s lives.
The PsAID questionnaire assesses the impact of psoriatic arthritis on people’s lives.
There are 2 versions of the PsAID: a shorter version with 9 questions geared towards clinical trials, and a longer version with 12 questions geared towards clinical practice.





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